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Abstracts, Ltd. was started as a small operation in the spring of 1989 by Nancy Mellin and Stephen Bradigan. Nancy had been researching titles for two years and Steve was a partner in a land development and commercial construction management firm. The new partnership worked well and by July of '89 the company was incorporated. In 1991 the decision to secure office space in Annapolis became reality and plans for expansion were outlined. Steve resigned from the construction industry to manage the company full time while Nancy continued with title work and began to hire employees. 1992 introduced software, designed by us, specifically for abstracting. Thus began the data base which currently indexes over 200,000 title searches. Abstracts, Ltd. currently employs a staff of 30, maintains 5 offices throughout Maryland, researches in 15 counties and enjoys a reputation "Second to None".


  • Nancy continues today as CEO and President of the corporation. Her expectations of her staff are second only to those of herself. Her reputation, attention to detail and extensive knowledge of title work has dictated her position of quality control and title review. With the ongoing changes implemented within Maryland's Circuit Court Land Records, mostly related to technological advances, decisions on new policies and research methods are her responsibility to review and execute within the company. Nancy has also been requested to represent legal entities as an expert witness and act as a liaison between the abstracting community and the Circuit Court in Anne Arundel County.

  • Steve is CFO and Vice President of the corporation. All financial matters of the company are his responsibility. He handles advertising and marketing and acts as the liaison between the company and it's clients. Steve also governs the legal aspects of the corporation, including continuing education classes, advising the way the laws affect our industry and our clients and maintaining a continued rapport with the Title Insurance Agencies. He also represents the company with the Annapolis and Anne Arundel County Chamber of Commerce, the Maryland Land Title Association and various local committees.


  • Residential and Commercial Title Search
  • Acreage and Industrial Title Search
  • Subdivision Basic and Plat Recordation
  • Foreclosure Research and Filing
  • Wills and Estates
  • Property Litigation
  • Document Retrieval
  • Fax Filing
  • Document Recording


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